The Pelt-O-Matic® system is designed for automated pelt/hide/skin removal from a variety of species including, Sheep, Lambs, Goats, Calves and Deer.

The Giura Group Small Stock Processing System incorporates the Pelt-O-Matic®, which is a revolutionary skin removal machine. The size and number of pelting heads depends on the throughput of the intended works. Each unit is custom built.

This unique machine slowly removes the pelt/hide/skin from the animal with none to very little damage to the pelt or carcass. Pelt damage under manual pelting can be significant. The consistent minimization of grain strain can result in up to 20% increase in the pelts market value when compared with other mechanized pelt pullers. The percentage of downgraded pelts is reduced from 15% to 2%.

  • Proven Payback within 12 months
  • Reduced Labour
  • Premium Prices for Pelts/skins
  • Improved yields and carcass presentation
  • Reduced injury claims (OH&S concerns)
  • Simple to operate
  • Can be used with conventional or inverted dressing
  • Can be customised to fit all chain speeds
  • Compact design fits most existing kill floors
  • Robust, stainless steel construction
  • Electronic PLC controls and management


  • Single Head – Processes up to 2 / min (120/hr)
  • Four Head – Processes up to 5 / min (300/hr)
  • Six Head – Processes up to 8 / min (480/hr)
  • Eight Head – Processes up to 12 / min (720/hr)
  • Ten Head – Processes up to 16 / min (960/hr)

Pelt-O-Matic® systems are installed in Australian Domestic and Export plants. These include EU & USDA listed. Other installations can be found in New Zealand, Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Working Process

  • The carcass has minimal work-up for either conventional or inverted dressing.
  • The free end of the pelt is placed between the arms of the Pelt-O-Matic®
  • Only one operator is required.
  • The pelt/hide/skin is removed automatically with a slow and steady downward pull and rolling action greatly reducing the risk of grain strain, blood spotting and selvedge damage.
  • This is achieved without slowing or stopping the chain, at any chain speed.
  • The Pelt-O-Matic® automatically drops the pelt/hide/skin into a chute or onto a conveyor.
  • The carcass is then eviscerated as normal.

The Pelt-O-Matic® is designed and manufactured by Giura Group Pty Ltd under license from Meat and Livestock Australia. Worldwide Patents Pending.

Download our Pelt-O-Matic® Product Brochure